Do you ship?

We offer two shipping options – Local Pickup for those located close to our shop, and Fedex Ground delivery for the rest of Canada!

If you are using the Local Pickup option, please contact us to arrange a pickup day and time.

Can I bring a piece of my own wood to have incorporated into my piece of art?

Yes! Whether it’s grandpa’s barn, an old crib, or a piece of a table from your grandma’s dining room, we love making your piece even more special by adding wood from something that has significance to you.

Do all of your pieces have reclaimed wood in them?

No, not all. There are a few pieces that are strictly brand new timber.

Where is your reclaimed wood from?

Most if not all of our reclaimed wood is from local sources, we have pieces from London, Sarnia, Woodstock, and surrounding areas.

Are you looking for reclaimed wood?

Yes! We’re always open to receiving old wood from various sources, trim, lath, barn wood, fence board, etc. Contact us to discuss. 

Do you install pieces?

No, we don’t install the pieces, but we do provide the hanger on the back. We make wooden french cleats that make it easy to level the piece.